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What is Purebiz

Purebiz is a business management program. It keeps the accounts of a business as well as providing a document library, perpertual budgeting, customer relationship management, desktop communications, manufacture and logistics management. For a full list of Purebiz features see the list below."

It is also an application that can be modified and customised to meet the requirements of individual businesses.

It handles routine business transactions such as sales orders, customer invoices and payroll etc. It's standard operations can be substitued for specialise ones on a customer by customer basis. This means that if your business has a particular requirement we can replace parts of the program with new forms and routines that exist only for a specific customer. We do this with Application Interrupt Points.



In 1997 Computer Works Australia Pty Ltd sold and supported an accounting program. One of the things that I liked about this program was the we had access to the database and could modify it and we could embed that would interupt the program and make it do something that was not standard. Computer Works Australia were not the only ones who sold this software but because we could modify the software we were very busy. Unfortunately the base program was not stable and we gave up waiting for it to become stable.

In 2001 I found myself in a position where I had to know EXACTLY what was going on in the business and I had I know NOW. The software we were using was not up to the job. I needed to know our budget position on a week to week basis not month to month. I needed to know exactly what a particular employee was worth to the business and wheter or not I was paying them too much or not enough. Out of these experiences the idea for perpetual budgeting and Associates came. They are a big part of Purebiz. And this also why we specialise in helping struggling businesses. Only Purebiz can tell you exactly what your financial position is on a week to week basis and give you the tools manage a struggling business.


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