Business Information Associates writes custom software for all kinds of businesses.

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If you have a data or process problem or shrink wrapped software that just doesn't fit, give us a call.

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What We Do

Business Information Associates writes custom business applications to your specifications. With our software you can:

  • Automate mundane and routine tasks.
  • Solve complicated problems.
  • Carry out complicated processes quickly and accurately.
  • Standardise business policies and procedures.
  • Get fast access to business information.
  • Make informed decisions.

This makes your business faster, more accurate and more efficient, which saves you time and money.

Typically our customers have tried off the shelf solutions but have found that they are inflexible and will not allow the business to be run the way they want to run it. With custom software you can run your business your way, without compromise.

Off the Shelf Software is a Compromise

Off the shelf software is designed to suit as many situations as possible. This is fine for routine tasks but what about unusual or unique processes? You may have developed systems that gives your business a competative edge but do not fit into an ordinary, run of the mill business application. So what do you do then? Use a bunch of spreadsheets on the side. No, that is too much hard work.

We use our flagship application Purebiz as platform on to which we can add any special purpose functionality that you may require.

For example you may need to handle sales orders in an unusual way because of the industry that you are in or your physical circumstances or because you believe that you can beat the competition with your approach. If this is the case we can turn off the standard order handling functions within Purebiz with what we call an Application Interrupt and substitute them with an arrangement that you specify. This way you can have purpose built fuctionality at a fraction of the cost of having a complete custom system written and maintained.

Every Business is Different

You have worked hard developing strategies that make your business more efficient, developing standards and procedures that set out the way you want things done. And you may have more ideas you wish to implement and make part of the fabric of your business.

To implement these strategies and give your business the edge, you will need custom applications that formalise your ideas. Modern software development techniques employed by Business Information Associates will make the process of turning your ideas in to real management tools easier.

We work in close collaboration with you and your team to develop your application quickly and accurately. We will study your business to understand completely the problems that you are trying to solve and the strategy you want to implement. We can then provide an outline of the proposed solution, to give you and idea of the things that are easy and can be quickly achieved and the things that are either difficult or risky.

Our iterative approach is flexible and cost effective for businesses and applications of all sizes. Our method allows the gradual integration of the new application to into the workplace, this helps avoid disruption to your work, and the gradual addition of new features allows a partial solution to become available as quickly as possible.


Flexible Software Applications Make Continual Improvement Possible

We understand that your business operates in a continually changing environment, so we aim to never paint you into a corner and to give the application and its architecture flexibility to cope with change. So that it can evolve with your business.

You Don't Have to Start From Scratch

We found ourselves writing the same code over and over to tackle the same problems over the years and so we developed Purebiz. Purebiz provides a platform that already has within it all the basic and some not so basic stuff that every business needs. We can add your requirements to Purebiz so that only appear in your version. Your intellectual property is safe and available only to you.

For a full list of Purebiz features go to the Purebiz page.

We Specialise in Helping Struggling businesses

Because Purebiz gives you the information required to run your business frequently and accurately, and has tools that you can use to manage your business not just track it's decline. You will not find these tools anywhere else because of Purebiz's unique structure and approach to keeping track of where the money comes from and where it is going. We specialise in assisting businesses that are struggling by implementing Purebiz and then showing you how to get the most out of it. Purebiz Development or Purebiz Production